WiFi won’t ask for password in Windows 11/10

Setting a good password is very crucial in order to protect your WiFi. However, sometimes your router can behave weirdly by not asking for a password. If you are facing the same problem, then this article is what you need.

WiFi won’t ask for password

So how do you make your WiFi ask for a password? Following are the solutions that you can follow if you find that your WiFi won’t ask for the password on your Windows 10 PC.

  1. Restart your Modem or Router
  2. Manage your Driver
  3. Reset your WiFI password
  4. Make Windows forget the network
  5. Delete your WLAN profile

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Restart your Modem or Router

The first and foremost thing you need to do to fix this issue is restarting your Modem or Router.

To do this, you need to cut the device’s electric supply by unplugging it. Afterward, plug-in the Modem or Router to check whether the problem still exists.

2] Manage your Driver

A lot of time the problem related to your WiFi is because of either an outdated or corrupted driver, luckily, that can be fixed by updating or reinstalling the driver respectively.

Update driver

Updating the driver will fix the problem if it is caused due to an outdated driver. Updating the WiFi Driver is a simple task.

To do that, launch Device Manager by searching it out of the start menu. Expand Network adapters, right-click on your Wireless adapter, and click Update driver.

Now, click Search Automatically for updated driver software to let your computer search the web for the update or Browse my computer for driver software if you have downloaded the software manually.

Finally, restart your computer.

Reinstall device

If updating didn’t fix the issue then this can mean that your device is corrupted to fix that you should try to reinstall the WiFi driver.

Expand Network adapters, right-click on your Wireless adapter, and click Uninstall device. Now, click to uninstall to confirm your action.

To reinstall the driver, right-click on Network adapters and select Scan for hardware changes.

Restart your computer to reinstall the driver.

3] Reset your WiFi password

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According to many users resetting the WiFI password can help in solving the “WiFi won’t ask for password” issue.

You will be redirected to the Wi-Fi Status window, click Wireless Properties, change the password from the Network security key section, and then click OK to reset your WiFi password.

Hopefully, this will fix the issue.

4] Make Windows forget the network

  • Click on Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.
  • Click the Manage known networks link
  • Select the network you are looking for
  • Select Forget.

Now, search for the network and enter the password.

5] Delete your WLAN profile

If any of the above solutions didn’t fix WiFi won’t ask for password issue then you should try deleting the saved profile of your wireless network.

To do that, launch Command Prompt as an administrator by searching it out of the start menu. Type the following command and hit Enter:

netsh wlan show profile
netsh wlan delete profile name=

Restart your computer and reconnect the WiFi and see.

I hope something here helps you.

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