How to Fix Unknown Error 0x80092013 iTunes Store in Windows 10

You are calm at home, you want to download or play some content from the iTunes Store and suddenly you find a unknown error 0x80092013 in Windows 10 What can we do to fix this problem? Do not worry because we are going to see all the methods to be able to fix iTunes Store in Windows 10 and say goodbye to error 0x80092013.

Why does this error appear? This is something that is not sure which means that we will have to go through the different methods that we will leave you a bit below until one of them works.

Windows can us surprise with many mistakes . But don't worry, because one way or another we can solve the iTunes Store unknown error 0x80092013 in Windows 10 .

Just follow this short guide where we will walk you in detail through all the necessary steps so that you can start enjoying all the iTunes content on your computer without any hassle.

Solution: Unknown error 0x80092013 iTunes Store

It is not at all pleasant to want to enjoy the content that we have in iTunes and not be able to do so from the comfort of our computer. This is why we are going to see all solutions possible to this problem . You don't have to apply them in order.

  • Set the Windows date and time.
  • Update or install the latest version of iTunes.
  • Use the Windows 10 troubleshooter.
  • Add iTunes to the exceptions of our antivirus.
  • If using VPN, turn it off temporarily.

Then, we will explain each of these points step by step in detail so that there is no doubt about it.

Set the date and time in Windows 10

Many times this error can appear because the date and time in Windows 10 is not set correctly. Believe it or not, the date and time are quite important and updating it will save us a lot of trouble, not just with iTunes.

  • For this we have to press the keys Windows + I to access Windows settings .
  • Now we will have to click on Time and language .
  • Then we will have to go to the left sidebar of the screen and click on » Date and hour «.
  • In this section, you must verify that the date and time are correctly configured. If this is not the case, you can choose to activate the option ” Set the time automatically «.
  • In case you don't want it to configure itself automatically. You will have to click on the button that appears under » Set the date and time manually “This button says” Edit «.
  • When we click on ” Edit », A small window opens where we will have to set the date and time manually. Once you are done, click on » Edit »Just below to the right of said window.

In the event that changing the time via » Windows settings Does not solve the problem. What we can do is change it via the » Control panel «. The way to make the change is quite similar, but here you can configure the time to synchronize with Internet time.

  • For it , we will press the Windows + R Keywords . A dialog box opens where you have to type ” Control “And press” Starter «.
  • When we enter the control panel you will need to change the view to large or small icons, this can be done from the upper right corner of the screen.
  • You will now need to look for the icon that says ” Date and hour «.
  • Then, in the ” Date and hour “, You will have to click on the button that says” Change date and time And configure it.

You can also choose to synchronize the time with a server on the Internet. To do so, you just need to follow these steps:


  • Go to the tab ” Internet time » in the window ” Date and hour «.
  • Then click on » Modify the parameters «.
  • You will need to tick the box ” Synchronize with an Internet time server «.
  • Then click on » Update now «.
  • To finish, click on » OK »And close the control panel .

How to Fix iTunes Error 0x80092013 on Windows

After that, the iTunes error should go away. However, if not, you can try the following solutions.

Update or install the latest version of iTunes

Many users reported that iTunes Store error 0x80092013 has been fixed by updating or installing the latest version of the software. For this, we recommend that you download from the official website , download the latest version to your computer and run it.

Run additional troubleshooting utilities in Windows 10

To do this, you just have to press » Start “Then type” Additional convenience stores “. A new window will open where you can run the operating system troubleshooter to try and fix iTunes Store error 0x80092013.

Add iTunes to the Antivirus Exceptions List

For this possible solution, we need to add iTunes to the list of exceptions or exclusions of the antivirus that we use. How do we do this? It will depend on the antivirus in question, as it is done in a different way in each of them.

Disable the VPN network

In case you are using a VPN network, it would be advisable to deactivate it. Even the Windows 10 firewall itself can be the cause of this problem. The idea is to turn off both to see if the source of the problem really is from here.

A VPN client can block communications between your Windows 10 computer and iTunes Store servers. That is why we recommend that you temporarily disable it to check it.


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