Ashampoo Audio Recorder Free for Windows

A hassle-free audio recording tool for Windows

Ashampoo Audio Recorder Free is an easy-to-use and powerful audio recording tool for Windows computers. The program lets you capture audio from the PC’s sound card or microphone. With this tool, you can easily create voice memos. Additionally, you can use the loopback feature to record everything you hear, including browser sounds, system sounds, and audio from other sources. In order to start using the program, you just need to select a source and click ‘Record’.

Built-in audio player, trimming, recording, and other features

Ashampoo Audio Recorder is a great tool for voice-over artists, podcasters, musicians, audio engineers, and people looking for free music recording tools. This is a simple multimedia application, which comes with multiple features, including basic editing, audio trimming, music recording, and more. With a single-click, hassle-free mode of operation, it doesn’t require a steep learning curve and does the job within seconds.

What about the interface and file formats?

With Ashampoo Audio Recorder Free, the development team focused on creating a simple and minimalistic interface. In the center of the window, you’ll notice a large-sized ‘mic’ icon. To start recording, you only need to click this icon. At the bottom of the window, the program displays a traditional ‘Rec’ button, which can also be used to record sounds.

The app has a dedicated section for storing and accessing multimedia content. For instance, you can visit the ‘Media Library’ to play back or organize your audio recordings. From here, you can even rename files, since the default name – ‘My New Record’ – can be confusing in the long run.

Apart from these features, the audio recording tool also has a trimming functionality. While it’s not advanced, you can still cut different sections of the audio to reduce file sizes or create new sounds. This way, you have to neither use a third-party tool to cut files nor visit a malicious website to access MP3 cutters.

Compared to Sonarca Sound Recorder and Fox Magic Audio Recorder, this one has a more user-friendly interface. The program supports multiple output formats, such as WMA, MP3, OPUS, OGG, WAV, APE, and FLAC. The sampling rates can reach as high as 48 kHz, giving Ashampoo Audio Recorder an edge over competing titles.

What are the features?

When you download, install, and launch the program for the first time, you’ll notice the simplistic main overview window. It comes with only three buttons, i.e., Play, Stop, and Record. Whether you’re an experienced recording artist, a beginner, or work with podcasts, you can start using the program instantly.

Just click on the ‘Record’ button to start recording audio from a specific source, and use the ‘Stop’ button to stop the recording. All the recorded tracks are displayed on the left-hand side of the main window for easy access.

The program comes with a built-in audio player. You can click on ‘Play’, and the tool starts playing the recording in the same window. In the bottom right-hand side of the panel, you’ll notice three more tabs, i.e., Settings, Rename, and Cut.

Cut the clips

With the ‘Cut’ option, you can simply cut or trim recorded clips. Choose the specific track you want to edit, and click the ‘Cut’ button, clearly marked with a scissors icon. You need to choose the ‘Start’ and Stop’ points in the clip and click ‘Save’ to store a copy of the edited file on your PC. 

Renaming the files

With the ‘Rename’ option, you can change default file names to something more recognizable or something more specific. This can be done with a button that has an easy-to-spot pencil icon. 


Settings options

The audio trimming tool has a dedicated ‘Settings’ section, which lets you configure multiple settings. Some of these include input settings, sample rate, output file format, bitrate, the destination where music recordings will be saved, sound quality, and others.


The service tab offers multiple links to deals and promotions from Ashampoo. Since the company develops various utilities and Windows tools, you can conveniently check them out from this section. It also helps you reach the customer support team, just in case you come across any issues.

Does it support editing?

Like other free programs, Ashampoo Audio Recorder Free comes with basic editing tools. Just choose the audio clip from the ‘Media Library’, click the ‘Cut’ button, and choose a timeline for ‘Starting’ and Stopping’ the trimming process. It’s worth mentioning that the audio trimming feature isn’t very advanced, but proves to be sufficient for basic cutting or editing jobs.

With the audio player, you can also review edited clips. Once you’re satisfied, just click the ‘Save’ button, and the program will automatically overwrite the original file. If you want a separate original file, you can save a copy in a different location. While using this program for editing, it’s best not to compare the tool with high-end software like Adobe Premiere or FLC.

Is Ashampoo Audio Recorder a good choice?

Compared to other popular software, such as Gilisoft Audio Recorder Pro, Ashampoo has a simpler interface, and even offers basic editing features to cut files. Whether you’re using the program to record music or system sounds, the tool proves to be a hassle-free way to store, edit, and manipulate audio tracks.

Most importantly, it comes with a built-in audio player, which lets you check the sound quality, progress, among other things. There’s even a ‘Media Library’ to keep everything organized on your system. Without a doubt, Ashampoo Audio Recorder Free is an excellent choice for your Windows computer.

Effortlessly record audio from sound card or mic

Overall, Ashampoo Audio Recorder is a simple audio recording and editing utility for PCs. While there are plenty of audio recording tools available online, this one comes with a clean interface, multiple features, an audio trimming functionality, and a built-in audio player. It’s a lightweight program that doesn’t affect system resources, and helps you record, manage, and edit audio tracks within seconds.


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