Fix: “Sea of Thieves Services Are Temporarily Unavailable” Error

If you’re a Sea of Thieves player, then you might have come across an error saying, ‘The Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable. Please try again. (Lavenderbeard)’ when you try to start the game. This is a common error in Sea of Thieves and may be caused by multiple reasons.

It mostly occurs when your system cannot communicate with the game’s server properly. However, there are also cases of this error occurring if you have a proxy server or if your Firewall is blocking access to the game.

How to Fix “Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable”

The first thing you need to do when you get this error checks if the game servers are down. If there is nothing wrong with the servers, you can try relaunching the game and see if you can play the game without an error.

However, in case the error still persists, you can try these methods to solve it.

Disable Your Proxy Server

If you are connected to some proxy server, it might prevent you from properly establishing the connection with the game servers. So disabling proxy servers might be able to fix your problem.

To do that:

  1. Open Run Command Box on your Windows by pressing Windows key + R together.
  2. Type ‘inetcpl.cpl’ in the search box and press Enter.
  3. This will bring up your Internet Properties window. Now, click on the Connections tab, then LAN settings.
  4. Uncheck Use a proxy server option, then click OK.
  5. Now, on the main window, click Apply, then OK.

Launch Sea of Thieves and see if the error is gone. Also, if you have any VPN enabled, try disabling them. If it still shows the error, try moving on to the next method.

Allow Sea of Thieves Through Your Windows Firewall

Your Windows Firewall might also be blocking the game from accessing its servers. It is very important to make sure that both Steam and Sea of Thieves are allowed through your Firewall.

To allow your game through the Windows Firewall:

  1. Press Windows key + R together on your keyboard to bring the Run Command Box.
  2. Type ‘control’ in the search box, then press Enter.
  3. This will open your Windows Control panel. 
  4. Now, on the search bar, type ‘Windows Firewall’ and click on Allow an app through Windows Firewall under Windows Defender Firewall.
  5. Locate Sea of Thieves and make sure to check both the Private and Public boxes. Also, locate Steam and check both boxes.
  6. Click OK.

Now, launch the game and see if you can play it without any error. If you can still see the error, try the next method.

Relogging Into Your XBOX Live Account

You can also get this error if you have recently changed your Microsoft account password or if the servers cannot establish a connection between your game and your account.

To fix this, you can sign-out from your XBOX account then log back in again.

  1. Launch Sea of Thieves from your desktop or Steam.
  2. Click on the Sign Out menu to log out from your Xbox Live account.
  3. Now, you’ll see a popup message saying if you really want to sign out from your XBOX account.
  4. Click Yes to continue with the process.
  5. Once you’ve successfully logged out from your XBOX Live account, click on the Start Game menu.
  6. Now, you’ll see a log-in screen telling you to log in to your XBOX account. Sign in to your account using your credentials. (Also, link your XBOX Live account with Steam)

Deleting the Xbl_Ticket Credentials

Here’re the steps to change the Xbl_Ticket credentials:

  1. Open Start Menu on your Windows.
  2. On the search bar, type ‘credential manager’ and hit Enter.
  3. Once the Credential Manager window opens, click on the Windows Credentials.
  4. Under the Generic Credentials section, look for an entry called Xbl_Ticket (followed by some numbers).
  5. Now, expand it by clicking on the small arrow and click Remove.
  6. Click Yes on the next popup menu.
  7. Now, launch the game and click on the Start Game menu.
  8. Once you click that, you’ll be asked to log in to your Xbox account. Sign in to the account using your login details.

After signing in, you should be able to play the game without any issues.

Exclude Sea of Thieves from Your Antivirus

If you have an antivirus installed on your PC, it might have accidentally flagged your game files as malware. So, you can try excluding your game folder from being scanned in your antivirus setting and see if it solves the error. 

Other Errors in Sea of Thieves

In addition to Lavenderbeard error, there are other types of error in this game as well. Some of the error that you might encounter while playing Sea of Thieves are:

Coralbeard Error

You’ll encounter this issue when there is an issue in Sea of Thieves servers. You can’t really do much on your side if you’re having this error, and you can expect that the developers are already working on the fix. 

It will be solved when the services are back and running, and you’ll be able to play without any issue.

Alabasterbeard Error

Alabasterbeard Error occurs when your PC can’t communicate with the Sea of Thieves servers. It is mostly caused on your side, and you’ll encounter this error when you have a poor internet connection.

If you are seeing this error when you’re trying to start Sea of Thieves, you need to check your internet connection and make sure that your internet is working properly. 

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— Update: 19-03-2023 — found an additional article Fix: Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable from the website for the keyword the sea of thieves services is temporarily unavailable.

“The Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable” error is generally relevant to the game’s server. When the server is down or the network connection is poor, the users won’t be able to launch the game. Moreover, in some cases, the files of the game get crashed or FPS is slow. The computer starts to struggle to support the game and does not allow it to launch and causing the error.

Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable-Error

Here are some reasons why the “sea of thieve services is temporarily unavailable” error occurs;

  • Poor Internet Connection: Games require fast internet speed. They have also specific bandwidth. So, if the connection is slow, the users face this issue. You can fix this issue by using Ethernet cables, switching to VPN, Resetting the Router, and clearing the DNS.
  • Low FPS: It reduces the efficiency of the game. It gives less time to react to changes made in the game. Low FPS takes more time to give you signals about what is happening in the game, such as gunfire. It also affects the graphics as well. Sol when the game is slowed down, the error of The Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable”
  • Crashed games files: when we install/ Download the game in our system, there are several chances that the files get crashed or lost somewhere. It is generally because of the presence of third-party software, bugs, or slower internet connection. To fix this issue, you can verify the dignity of the game’s files and fix the issue.
  • DNS Cache: The DNS cache can be a hurdle to internet access to the game. The DNS cache fills with time. It is important to clear/flush the DNS. It resets the networks and tweaks the game’s performance.

1. Sign out and Sign-in from the game

“The Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable” error usually occurs when there is a communication problem between the game Xbox and the account. This error is easy temporary and easy to handle. So, you can fix it merely by following these steps;

  1. Open the Sea Thieves game from the steam.
  2. Now click on the sign-out option. Then click on start game.

    Sign Out and Re-Login to Sea Thieves
  3. A login dialogue box of Microsoft authenticator will open. Add the credentials and log in to the account.
  4. It will take you to your Xbox account. So, click on the Let’s Go option.

    Login to Sea Thieves
  5. You will go to the game again automatically. Now you can play the game without any problem.

2. Use the Ethernet Cable

If you are still facing the issue, you can use Ethernet Cable. The PC games require better bandwidth. When you use a Wi-Fi connection to play the game, it can cause connection issues. In this case, you can use Ethernet Cable. Because it is more stable and faster. You can launch the game easily after this.

3. Flush the DNS

Sometimes when you play Sea Thieves games on your computer, DNS causes issues. It does not give internet access to the game. But you can clear the DNS, it will reset the network in your system. Flushing the DNS can also help in removing outdated/invalid addresses. Moreover, it will not affect your system in any way. So, here are some steps that will help you in flushing the DNS;

  1. Go to the Start Menu and type Command Prompt.
  2. Right-click on the command prompt app and select the option of Run as Administrator.
  3. Now, type the following command and press the Enter key.
ipconfig/flushdns Exit
  1. Restart your system and relaunch the game.

    Flush DNS To Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable-Error

4. Reset the Router

“The sea of thieve services is temporarily unavailable” error occurs when the internet service is slow or unavailable. Resetting the router will change/reset the IP address which may be the contender for the origin’s life. So, you can reset it by clicking the button and relaunch the game. Moreover, you can switch to VPN or can change the location of the server. It can also fix the issue.

5. Verifying the Integrity of the game

When you download the game to your system, the third-party software or poor internet connection can crash or lose some files. Similarly, the updates do not install properly. It causes this error. So, verifying the integrity of the games will quickly fix the issue. Here are some steps to verify the integrity of the game’s files;

  1. Open the Steam app and right-click on the Sea of Thieves.
  2. Select the properties and click on the Local Files.
  3. So, click on Verify the Integrity of the game. It will take some time to repair the files.

    Verify the Integrity of the Game Files
  4. Now launch the game again and check if the problem is fixed or not.

6. Improve FPS by Re-enabling the Xbox Game Settings

If the Frame Rate per Second (FPS) is low means the gameplay becomes slow and your system starts to struggle to support the game. Resultantly, it slows down the game and causes an unavailability error. As the Sea Thieves game is associated with Xbox, you can improve FPS by enabling the Xbox game. So, follow these steps in sequence and improve the FPS;

  1. Go to the Start Menu and search the Xbox Game.
  2. Open the Xbox Game and click on the Settings option.
  3. Select Account and click on the unlink option. It will disconnect the steam and Xbox games.

    Improve the FPS of the Sea Thieves Game
  4. Now click on the Sign-out option. Close the Xbox game.
  5. Sign out from the Sea Thieves games as well.
  6. To re-enable it, open the Xbox game and go to accounts and click on Sign in.

    Sign in to Xbox App
  7. Now go to the steams and launch the game again. It will ask you to link the account with Xbox, so click on Yes, link the account. Otherwise, it will cause a connection error.

    Link the Xbox with Sea Thieves Game
  8. Now relaunch the game and check if the problem is fixed.

If the above methods did not fix the issue, you should consult with the official support of the game.


— Update: 25-03-2023 — found an additional article The Sea of Thieves Services is temporarily unavailable from the website for the keyword the sea of thieves services is temporarily unavailable.

A lot of gamers are unable to join or host a game because of a network issue. When they try to do the same, the following error message appears.

In this article, we are going to resolve it with some simple solutions that even an amateur can try. So, without wasting let us go to the troubleshooting guide.

The Sea of Thieves Services is temporarily unavailable

If the Sea of Thieves Services is temporarily unavailable, try the following solutions.

  1. Check Server Status of Sea of Thieves
  2. Restart your PC or Xbox
  3. Release Xbox Credentials
  4. Disable any Proxy or VPN
  5. Check if SSL 3.0 is disabled and TLS 1.2 is enabled
  6. Allow the game through the firewall
  7. Reinstall the game

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Check Server Status of Sea of Thieves

Before troubleshooting the issue, we need to see if it is actually fixable by you. Try checking the server status of Sea of Thieves using one of the down detectors or go to and check for an official statement. In case the server is down or under maintenance, the only thing you can do is wait for the developers to resolve the issue.

Do Check: We’re updating Sea of Thieves, It should be ready to use again shortly.

2] Restart your PC or Xbox

Sometimes, the issue can be nothing more than a glitch. All you have to do is restart the device you are playing the game and see if that works. If you are on Xbox, try doing a hard reset. Hopefully, this will do the job, but if it doesn’t, go to the next solution.

3] Release Xbox Credentials

Many PC users when trying to play the game from Steam are facing the same issue. Such users are able to fix the Lavenderbeard issue by releasing Xbox credentials. We are going to do the same using Credential Manager.

Follow the prescribed steps to do the same.

  1. Open Credential Manager by searching it out of the Start Menu.
  2. Click on Windows Credentials.
  3. Go to Xbl_Ticket and remove every 1717113201 entries.

Restart your computer, log in to Sea of Thieves and check if the issue persists.

4] Disable any Proxy or VPN

If you configured a Proxy or VPN, the game tends to get confused as to which server it should connect. To get rid of the issue, try disabling Proxy or VPN, if you have configured any, and see if it helps.

5] Check if SSL 3.0 is disabled and TLS 1.2 is enabled

Sea of Thieves can have network issues because of SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.2. Both of them are protocoled and they are configured on your computer in a plausible manner, SSL 3.0 is disabled and TLS 1.2 is enabled, however, we can manually, or accidentally misconfigure it. It would be better if you check the Internet Options and if it’s misconfigured, just re-configure it. Follow the given steps to do the same.

  1. Search out Internet Options from Start.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. Make sure that SSL 3.0 is unchecked and TLS 1.2 checked.

If you have rectified the misconfiguration, reboot the system and hopefully, your issue will be resolved.

6] Allow the game through the firewall

Your system’s firewall can block the game from accessing some of the files as it thinks that Sea of Thieves is a virus. All you have to do in this case is allow the game through the firewall, or if you are using a third-party antivirus whitelist it. Hopefully, this will do the job for you.

7] Reinstall the game

If nothing works, the only thing you can do is reinstall the game and see if that helps. This is the worst-case scenario and should be your last resort.

Hopefully, these solutions will fix the problem for you.

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How do I fix the Sea of Thieves services are temporarily unavailable Lavenderbeard?

The Lavenderbeard error that says Sea of Thieves services is temporarily available can be resolved by executing the solutions mentioned in this article. You should try troubleshooting from the first solution and then move your way down as that will save you some time. We hope that these fixes work for you.

Why can’t I connect to the Sea of Thieves servers?

There are various reasons why you can’t connect to the Sea of Thieves server. Usually, this happens when your Internet connection is lagging, either it’s too slow, or it’s just not working. You should then restart your router and if that doesn’t help, contact your Internet Service Provider. Other than that, you need to check if the Sea of Thieves server is down, check the first solution. This should do the job for you, the solutions mentioned here can also be tried.

That’s it!

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