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The Lycan King’s Mate PDF Free Download, Mating With The Heir To The Throne Royal Alphas Book 3 Pdf, Do you have The Lycan kings mate by Bridget marie?.

The Lycan King’s Mate PDF Free Download

As I Approach The Guest Alpha Suite Door, I Pause. King Cameron Lifts An Eyebrow At Me As I Stare Up At Him.

I Clench My Teeth And Turn To Open The Door While Moving Aside To Allow Him Enter First. I Let The Door Swing Wide As I Do This. He Is A King After All, So I Suppose I Should Act Accordingly.

I Should Go First, King Cameron Gestures With His Hand In Front Of Him While Tilting His Head In My Direction And Giggling.

Being Alone In His Bedroom With Him Makes Me Uneasy. I Am Simultaneously Filled With Keen Anticipation At The Prospect Of His Touching Or Maybe Kissing Me.

I Take Three Steps Inside The Bedroom Before Being Pulled Off Of My Feet. King Cameron Is Holding Me Against His Bone-dry Chest With One Hand Behind My Back And The Other Under My Legs. I Tremblingly Encircle His Neck With My Arms While Savouring His Wonderful Aroma.

Keeping Me On His Lap, He Sits Down On A Light Blue Loveseat With A Large Bay Window In The Centre. He Then Drags My Legs Over His Lap Onto The Sofa While Holding Both Of My Ankles In One Enormous Palm, Turning Me To Gaze In The Mirror.

His Eyes Are Dark As He Places His Hand On My Forehead And Softly Runs His Fingers Around My Lips, Check, And Nose…

His Fingertips Lightly Brush The Side Of My Neck As I Hushedly Gasp.

I Look Into His Eyes While Wobbling A Little And Feeling Lightheaded Once Again. I Grab Onto His Shirt For Support.

His Eyes Follow His Hands As He Runs Them Back And Forth From My Neck To My Collarbone, Then Delicately Slides His Fingers Down And Back Up My Arm.

As I Begin To Feel Pressure Building In Between My Legs, I Find It Difficult To Contain A Little Shiver Of Pleasure. I Move My Lower Body Slightly.

His Fingers Halt Briefly As His Gaze Lock With Me. He Smirks At Me And Moves His Fingers And Gaze Back To My Collar Bone, Where He Teases Me Before Lowering Them To Toy With The Dress’ Neckline There.

He Once Again Looks Into My Eyes And Arches An Eyebrow. I Quietly Implore Him To Continue While I Bit My Lip.

He Runs His Fingers Down My Sides To My Hips, Where He Stays For A Few Seconds Before Carefully Pushing The Bottom Of My Dress Up To Show The Top Of My Thighs. He First Slips His Fingers To The Side Of My Dress, Softly Stroking The Side Of My Breasts With The Back Of His Fingers.

I Feel Like My Passion For This Guy Is About To Burst. All I Can Do Is Hold Onto His Shirt As I Watch Him Explore Every Curve On My Body With His Fingers And Gaze.

His Touch Causes Me To Ache Between My Legs And Arch My Back Into His Hand, Which Has Been Supporting Me, While His Fingers Go To My Thighs.

He Runs His Fingers Over My Thigh And Down To My Toes Before Going Up My Other Leg And Stopping When He Reaches My Upper Thigh.


I Glance Away From His Fingers And Into His Eyes, Breathing Deeply.

He Moves In Closer And Slides A Finger Under My Chin.

As His Lips Touch Mine, I Feel As If Fireworks Are Erupting Inside Of My Skull.

I Raise My Hands To Grip His Shoulders As I Bear Down On Him.

He Intensifies The Kiss By Squeezing My Lips Apart And Probing My Mouth With His Tongue.

I Find Myself Muttering Against His Lips.

He Puts His Hands On My Bottom, Raises Me, And Arranges Me So That I Am Lying With One Knee On Either Side Of His Hips.

I Attempt To Intensify The Kiss By Wrapping My Arms Around His Neck, Grabbing His Hair With One Hand, And Squeezing My Breasts Against His Chest.

He Presses Me Up Against Him While Cupping My Bottom. I Groan Once Again As I Can Feel His Powerful, Rigid Erection Through His Pants.

As One Of His Hands Continues To Go Up My Dress, He Places A Finger On The Inside Of The Top Of My Pants And Gently Moves It Back And Forth.

In My Need For More Flesh, I Push Against His Erection.

King Cameron Is Pulling At My Underwear.

And The Door Is Knocked On.

I Jerk Back And Leap As If A Spell Has Been Broken. I Leap A Little Too High, Lean Dangerously Far Back, Flap My Arms, And Let Out A Tiny, High-pitched Cry Before King Cameron Again Puts His Hand On My Back To Save Me.

As I Stare At Him, I Can Feel My Face Starting To Burn Once Again. He Has A Broad Grin On His Cheeks And An Arched Brow.

Well, He Really Is Arrogant. As Someone Knocks Again, I Sit Up, Straightening My Clothing And Smoothing Back My Hair.

King Cameron Stays Still And Amusedly Observes Me.

Are You Sure You’ll Understand That? I Ask In A More Accusatory Manner Than I Intended.

He Still Grins As He Turns To Face Me.

In Case You Persist. Come On In! I Hear The Doorknob Turning, So It’s Not Exactly A Shout But More Of A Deep Solid Carrying Tone That The Person Behind The Door Must Have Had No Trouble Hearing.

I Hastily Climb Off Of His Lap, Wondering Whether I’ll Ever Be Around This Guy Without Having Beet Red All Over My Face. I Tuck Stray Hairs Behind My Ears And Lower My Dress Down To Just Above My Knees When I Hear A Familiar Voice.

Cameron The King. I’m Very Happy You’ve Come To See Our Community. I’d Happy To Give You A Little Update On The Red Night Bundle.

I’m Appreciative Of The High-backed Couch Since It Hides Me From The Guest.

King Cameron Gives Me Another Amused Glance As I Sag Further Into The Coach Cushion, And Then He Stands And Turns To Face Alpha Caleb.

Caleb The Alpha, I’d Be Delighted To Meet With You For A Status Update. Would You Want To Sit Down?

No! Not At All!

I Feel Terrible. This Cannot Be Taking Place!

What Exactly Is Caleb Doing Here? He’s Meant To Be At The Blue Moon Pack Away From Here! He Just Made Out With A Man I Just Met Five Minutes Ago, And Now He’s Coming To Locate Me! Even A Lycan King!

With My Hands Covering My Face, I Stoop Even Lower.

Actually, Maybe Your Workspace Would Be More Pleasant.

What? I Stretch Out My Fingers To Get A Glimpse Of King Cameron, Who Offers Me A Little, Stealthy Wink.

“Sure, Let Me Show You The Way.”

“I’ll Be There In Five,” She Said.


“Sure, Dude,” Caleb Seems Surprised But Says Nothing More, And Then I Hear The Door Close.

Dear God! Too Close For Comfort. I Must Get My Act Together!

“Want To Tell Me More?” I Let Go Of My Hands And Looked Up To Find King Cameron Laughing Hysterically At Me.

I Consider How Absurd I Must Seem To Him As I Slump On The Sofa With My Legs Over My Head, My Dress Riding Up, And My Hair Sticking Out.

He Also Seems Flawless. His Clothing Is Still Wrinkle-free, And Despite My Hands Having Just Ran Through His Hair, He Still Has That Perpetually Delighted Expression In His Eye.

Why On Earth Would He Mate With Someone Like Me?

I Spit And Get Back Up, Pulling My Dress Down Once More.


You And I Just Met. My Alpha Is Him.

King Cameron Glances At Me While Cocking His Head.

Has Been Your Alpha. He Comes Over And Takes My Hand, Helping Me Get Up. “You Will Be My Queen Now That You Are With Me.”

What?? Queen?? My Brain Feels Dizzy. This Is Much Too Much To Process So Quickly.

I’ll Never Be A Queen. Particularly From A Lycan Clan! Does He Want Me To Accompany Him Up The North?

Oh, Come On, Ava. Mates Typically Follow Each Other, So A Lycan King Wouldn’t Stay With A Tiny, Unimportant Werewolf Pack And Abandon His Own Lycan Clan.

Unconsciously, I’m Engaging In A Bad Habit And Chewing On My Lip. I Pause And Look Up At King Cameron As He Raises His Finger To Press Against Them.

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“Wait For Me Here. I’ll Be Back Online Soon. He Crouchs Down And Lightly Kisses My Forehead. We Have A Lot To Talk About. He Smiles At Me, Leaving Me Weak In The Knees As I Watch Him Go Out Of The Bedroom And Then Fall Back Into The Sofa.


— Update: 19-03-2023 — found an additional article The Lycan King’s Mate pdf Book Review Summary from the website for the keyword the lycan king’s mate bridget marie pdf free download.

The Lycan King’s Mate – Two Books come under this title. One is a I was hoping for a short werewolf story about Ava who was heartbroken when her boyfriend of four years, Alpha Caleb, mates to her twin sister Lily on their eighteenth birthday written by Bridget Marie who has had over 6 million reads on The other one is short story about Liam the son of the moon goddess and the first Lycan lost his mate written by Gwenny Edwards.

Below are Summaries of the Two Books

The Lycan King’s Mate by Bridget Marie Summary

Ava is heartbroken when her boyfriend of four years, Alpha Caleb, mates to her twin sister Lily on their eighteenth birthday, especially since they had made fun of her for years for being a ditzy barbie.

When Lycan royals come to visit to join their pack’s losing fight against another, Ava is surprised to find herself mated to the handsome Lycan king Cameron. She can’t believe that someone so powerful and good looking could be mated to her, and she worries about another rejection, along with lingering feelings for Alpha Caleb.

As King Cameron and Ava try to get to know each other, secrets and plots come out that will try to keep them apart, or worse, get them killed. They soon discover, not everyone can be trusted, but can they trust each other?

The Lycan King’s Mate by Gwenny Edwards Summary

Liam the son of the moon goddess and the first Lycan lost his mate. Find out what happens when he meets Giselle who’s also his mate. Excerpt “Giselle you’re my mate and I’m a Lycan or as humans say werewolf.” I burst out laughing. This man is really insane and here I am lusting after him. I try to wiggle out his lap, but he holds me firmly “Sebastian show her.” I turn to the man who starts taking off his shirt. He places his hand over my eyes, and I try to move it away. He finally moves his hand when Sebastian crouches on the floor. Then I see his bones shift and I hear cracking and popping sounds. “What the fuck.” I scream louder and try to fight out of his hold. He turns my face toward the scene and the man that was there is now a red wolf. I stare at him in shock before I see black spots and I pass out.


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The Lycan King’s Mate
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  • Best Sellers Rank: #109,755 in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)
  • #487 in Action & Adventure Erotica (Kindle Store)
  • #584 in Action & Adventure Erotica (Books)
  • #636 in Romantic Erotica (Kindle Store)
  • Customer Reviews: 3.6 out of 5 stars    359 ratings

The Lycan King’s Mate Book Reviews


3.0 out of 5 stars Needs editing
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 19, 2021

Verified Purchase

It’s a good, quick read. Needs some language editing though. I’m not opposed to foul language but it reads like it was translated from another Spanish or German. I like the characters and would love to see more come from it. The storyline was quick but very intriguing.

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars Great novel to read
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 16, 2022

Verified Purchase

I loved it all. It kept me interested. I will recommend this novel to family and friends for our book club.


4.0 out of 5 stars
😍Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 11, 2022

Verified Purchase

WoW. Short sexy exciting story. I loved the main characters and very hot chemistry. It was a fast paced story but told completely.

Marina G

4.0 out of 5 stars Great book but…
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 22, 2022

Verified Purchase

Loved the characters and story but can someone PLEASE edit this book? It’s a bit painful to read with the errors. But again, really good read otherwise.

Laurie b.

3.0 out of 5 stars Has potential
Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 19, 2022

Verified Purchase

The characters were interesting and the book started out grabbing your attention. However is a book progressed The plot speeded up and the book lost some of its acceleration and kind of petered out. Good plot lines could have been further developed in a great story brought out but it was ended too soon and too quickly

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