How to disable Widgets in Windows 11 using Registry or Group Policy Editor

With the introduction of Windows 11, a lot of new features have come in Windows OS. We get Snap layouts, redesigned taskbar, Start menu, and many other new features in Windows 11. One of such features is the Widgets menu. While some users find it useful, others don’t use it and simply want to disable it. If you also want the same, then this post is definitely helpful to disable the Widgets feature in Windows 11.

Though there is an option to remove Widgets on the Taskbar of Windows 11, for those who want to permanently disable the Widgets feature, this post is handy. Once you have disabled the Widgets feature, the option to turn on/off widgets won’t work and it will be greyed out. Don’t worry, you can also re-enable Widgets anytime you want. So, the full control remains in your hands.

What are Widgets in Windows 11?

Widgets is an evolution of the News and Interests feature of Windows 10. Using Widgets, you can check weather information, read top stories (about news and sports), and get up-to-date information from your favorite services. The option to add and customize widgets is also there in Windows 11. You can click on its taskbar icon to open the pre-added widgets, check the information, and add new widgets.

How to disable Widgets in Windows 11

You can disable Windows 11 Widgets feature using Group Policy Editor or the Registry Editor. Before using any of these options, we advise you to create a system restore point. Once you have done it, you can use any of these options.

1] Using Group Policy Editor

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Group Policy Editor
  2. Access Widgets folder
  3. Open Allow widgets setting
  4. Use Disabled option
  5. Press the OK button.

In the first step, type gpedit in Windows 11 Search box, and hit the Enter key. This will open the Group Policy Editor window.

Now look for and access the Widgets folder. You can find this folder using this path:

On the right-hand section of that folder, double-click on Allow widgets setting.

When a new window is opened, use the Disabled option, and press OK to set the new option for this setting.

This will apply the changes instantly. The Widgets menu button will vanish from the taskbar and the turn on/off button for Widgets will also be greyed out in Windows 11 Settings app.

To enable Widgets again, just follow the above steps, and select the Not Configured button in the last step. After that, press the OK button. The changes will be reversed and the Widgets menu icon will re-appear on Windows 11 taskbar.

2] Using Registry Editor

The steps are as follows:

  1. Open Registry Editor
  2. Access Microsoft key
  3. Create Dsh Registry key
  4. Create AllowNewsAndInterests
  5. Set AllowNewsAndInterests Value data to 0
  6. Press OK button
  7. Close Registry Editor.

Let’s check these steps in detail.

In the very first step, click on Windows 11 Search box icon, type regedit, and use the Enter key. This will open the Registry Editor window.

Now access the Microsoft name Registry key. You can access it using this path:



Under the Microsoft key, create a new Registry key, and rename it to Dsh.

On the right-hand section of the Dsh key, you need to create an AllowNewsAndInterests value. To create it, right-click, go to the New menu, and click on the DWORD (32-bit) Value option. When this value is created, just set its name as AllowNewsAndInterests.

Now, double-click on that value you just created. When a small box is opened, add 0 in the Value data field. Press the OK button and close the Registry Editor window.

The changes are applied immediately. The Widgets menu icon will be removed from the taskbar and the turn on/off button will also be disabled in the Settings.

To enable the Widgets feature again, just follow the above-mentioned steps, and access the Dsh key. After that, right-click on that key, and use the Delete option. This will undo the changes and the Widgets menu icon will appear on the taskbar again.

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How do I turn off Widgets?

If you simply want to turn off Widgets from appearing in the taskbar on Windows 11 computer, then this can be done using the Settings app. Here are the steps:

  1. Use Win+I hotkey to open Windows 11 Settings app
  2. Click on the Personalization category available on the left section
  3. Access the Taskbar page using the right section
  4. Toggle Widgets button.

On the other hand, if you want to completely disable Widgets, then the two options explained above are helpful.

How do I enable Widgets in Windows 11?

Widgets feature is already enabled in Windows 11. You just need to click on its taskbar icon (available just next to the desktop icon) to open its interface, check pre-added widgets, and customize the widgets.

However, if the Widgets taskbar icon is not available and the option to turn on/off Widgets is also disabled/greyed out in Setting, then you can enable Widgets either using the Registry Editor window or Group Policy Editor window. Both the options are already covered by us in this post with the step-by-step guide.

Hope it is helpful.

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