Free Scoreboard software & tools to create scoreboard in Windows 11/10

Here is a complete guide on how to create scoreboards on Windows 11/10 PC. A scoreboard is used to display and update the score of an ongoing game or match. You must have seen such large scoreboards while watching live cricket or football that updates you with the exact score of the match. Now, if you also want to create a scoreboard in Windows 11/10, how to do that? This post is your answer.

In this article, we are going to discuss three different methods to create scoreboards in Windows 11/10. You can easily generate a scoreboard for a game on your PC. Additionally, you can update the scoreboard as the match proceeds. Let us check out what are these methods now!

How do I create a custom scoreboard?

You can create a custom scoreboard in Windows 11/10 using a free desktop application. Or, you can also use a free online tool that allows you to generate and update scoreboards. Apart from that, there is a free web extension for Chrome that you can use to create a scoreboard. We have discussed all these methods in detail, so let us check out.

How to create a Scoreboard in Windows 11/10

You can try the below methods to create and manage scoreboards on Windows 11/10 PC:

  1. Create a scoreboard using free Scoreboard software.
  2. Use an online scoreboard website to create scoreboards.
  3. Try a free Chrome extension called Scoreboard to create scoreboards.

Let us discuss these methods in detail now!

1] Create a scoreboard using a free Scoreboard software

You can try desktop software that lets you create and manage scoreboards on Windows 11/10 PC. There are many scoreboard software that enable you to do that. But, if you want a free one, then you will have to search a bit. To help you out, we are going to mention two free scoreboard maker software using which you can create and manage scoreboard in Windows 11/10. You can also visualize the scoreboard on a projector.

Here are the free scoreboard software that you try:

  1. SportFX Studio
  2. Eguasoft Sport Scoreboards

Now, let us discuss the above freeware in an elaborative way.

1] SportFX Studio

SportFX Studio is a free software to create scoreboards in Windows 11/10. It is basically a desktop application to create different sports graphics including scoreboards. You can find a lot of templates to design sports graphics like scoreboards, mascots, logos, and many more. It lets you create a scoreboard for cricket, basketball, football, badminton, etc.

Here are the main steps to create a scoreboard in SportFX Studio:

  1. Download and install SportFX Studio.
  2. Launch the software and sign in with a registered account.
  3. Select a sports team and a game.
  4. Look for the Scoreboard category.
  5. Select a scoreboard template.
  6. Edit the scoreboard as per your requirements.
  7. Render and share the generated scoreboard.

Let us discuss the above steps in detail.

Firstly, you need to download and install the SportFX Studio software on your Windows 11/10 PC. On the start screen, it will ask you to log in with your account. If you don’t have an account, click on the Sign Up option and create an account on its official website.

After signing in, select a sports team and a game registered on this website. Now, you will see a lot of template categories on the left side. Look for the Scoreboard category and then select the kind of scoreboard you want to create.

Next, you can change the background image related to the sport, add the teams’ names, enter the scores, and more. If you want, you can also add spotlights and various effects and filters. It offers a timeline using which you can edit and adjust each added element.

When done, click on the Render button and then save the scoreboard in MP4 video format.

You can also post the scoreboard live on Apart from that, you can also post scoreboards on Twitter or Facebook.

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2] Eguasoft Sport Scoreboards

You can also try Eguasoft Sport Scoreboards software to create scoreboards for different games on Windows 11/10 PC. You can also connect your PC to a projector, LED, or LCD to visualize the scoreboard on the big screen. It provides separate applications to create and manage scoreboards for games like basketball, hockey, volleyball, soccer, wrestling, futsal, and more.

Here, we are going to show you an example of the Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard application. Let us see how to use it to create basketball scoreboards.

  1. Download and install Eguasoft Sport Scoreboard.
  2. Start the software.
  3. Go to the Control Panel.
  4. Enter the teams’ names.
  5. Enter players’ names.
  6. Set up or update the scoreboard.

Firstly, download and install the Eguasoft Sport Scoreboard software on Windows 11/10 PC. Then, start the application and move to the Control Panel tab.

Next, you need to add the names of basketball teams and also enter the labels for team players.

After that, you can set up the scoreboard by entering time and updating the team score. You can also update individual player scores and add fouls if applied. Furthermore, you can also use a short clock, substitution horn, horn clock, etc.

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This one is good software to create a scoreboard on Windows PC. However, to enter the full screen to view the scoreboard on PC, you will need to register for its paid version. You can download scoreboard software for a specific game from here.

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2] Use an online scoreboard website to create scoreboards

You can also create a scoreboard online using a dedicated web service. There are plenty of online scoreboard apps using which you can create and manage a live scoreboard. If you want a free online scoreboard maker, here are a few options that you can try:

  1. KeepTheScore
  2. Score Count

Let us now discuss these scoreboard web services in detail!

1] KeepTheScore

KeepTheScore is a dedicated free online service that you can try to create a scoreboard online. You can create and update the live scoreboard in a web browser without much hassle. It enables you to create scoreboards, leaderboards, click counters, and team leaderboards. Let us discuss the process to use this online scoreboard maker.

How to create a scoreboard online using the KeepTheScore website

Here are the main steps to create and update a scoreboard online using this free website:

  1. Firstly, open the KeepTheScore website in a web browser.
  2. Now, click on the Start Here button.
  3. Next, select the Create a scoreboard with rounds option.
  4. After that, set up scoreboard name, number of players, theme, score format, etc.
  5. Then, press the Next button and enter players’ names.
  6. Finally, you can add and update the scores on your scoreboard.

You can then keep updating the live scoreboard, share the scoreboard via a public URL link. You can also create a widget for your scoreboard. It also lets you configure properties like upload a logo, edit board colors, board goal, etc. It provides an option to download the scoreboard as a CSV file. If you want, you can enable live commenting on your scoreboard.

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2] Score Count

Another web service that you can try to create a scoreboard online is Score Count. It is one of the easiest online tools to create a live scoreboard. You can update the scoreboard in real-time using it. Set u scoreboard configurations and then update your scoreboard.

Simply go to the Score Count’s website in your web browser. Now, click on the Settings button and then set up various scoreboard parameters including the number of teams, count down or count up, timer, font, period, style, background image, and more.

After setting up the parameters, you can view and manage a live scoreboard.


You can manually update the scoreboard. It also lets you copy the URL of the scoreboard and then share it with others on the web. You can open a scoreboard in fullscreen mode.

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3] Try a free Chrome extension called Scoreboard to create scoreboards

Another method to generate a live scoreboard is using a free web extension. Here, we are going to share this free web extension for Google Chrome called Scoreboard. Using it, you can create a scoreboard in your Chrome browser. It lets you set up scoreboard options and then view and manage the live scoreboard.

How to create a scoreboard in a browse using a free Chrome extension

Here are the steps you can follow to create a scoreboard using a free web extension for Google Chrome:

  1. Firstly, install this web app for Chrome from here and add it to the browser.
  2. Now, launch the app from its official page.
  3. Next, click on the Settings button and set up scoreboard configurations like the number of teams, score buttons, etc.
  4. After that, manually edit the teams’ names by clicking the change name button.
  5. Finally, add and update team scores accordingly.

How do I create a leaderboard online?

A leaderboard is a kind of scoreboard that displays the names and scores of the leading players. You can create a leaderboard online using the KeepTheScore tool. We have discussed this web service in detail above. You just have to go to its website and then select Create a leaderboard option to start making a leaderboard.

That’s it!

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  • Turn your PC into a scoreboard
  • The right scoreboard software
  • Introducing
  • How to create a free online scoreboard
  • How much does the scoreboard cost?
  • Please give us feedback!

You don’t need to spend large sums of money on specialist equipment to get a professional looking scoreboard. In fact, you already have all the equipment you need: a PC and a TV or projector.

Like many other specialist hardware, expensive scoreboards are getting replaced with generic PC hardware and mobile phones. Remember physical alarm clocks? They are now just an icon on your phone. And the same is happening with scoreboards.

Turn your PC into a scoreboard

Not only can you turn your PC and your TV into a scoreboard, but in theory any screen that is capable of showing the output from a computer. All you need is a device that is capable of showing a webpage, which includes tablets, smartphones and smart-watches.

The size limit of your scoreboard is determined by the size of your TV. This is one of the cases where big = better!

The right scoreboard software

The essential component you need to create and display your scoreboard is the correct software.

Here too, a paradigm shift has been happening in the past few years (as with specialist hardware). Software used to be bought in nicely presented boxes or downloaded for a fee and then installed on your PC. But these days there is a much better solution: web-based online software. Not only do the results look as good (or better) as installed legacy software, there are other clear advantages.

  • Installable software is usually specific to one platform, such as Windows. Web-based software will run anywhere, including tablets and smartphones
  • If an installed software gets an update or a bug-fix, you need to reinstall it and sometimes even pay for the update. With web-based software you always have the latest and greatest version the moment you load it into your browser.
  • Web-based software will instantly work on your mobile phone without any kind of app-install being required.
  • Installable software is often harder to set up and involves an error-prone and frustrating install-process.
  • Installable software keeps its settings on your hard-disk, which means they are not available on other devices. If you get a new device it’s a pain to migrate. Web-based software stores its data and settings in the cloud, which is more convenient and safer.
  • Web-based software works via links, which means you can share a link to your scoreboard or embed it on another page. The scoreboard in the screenshots above is simply a webpage, click here to see it! If the scores change, the website updates automatically.

Are there disadvantages to online scoreboards? Yes, of course there are. The main disadvantage is that you require an internet connection. Considering that most places on earth now have reliable and high-speed mobile access, this is a minor burden to bear.

Introducing is one of the leading solutions for creating online scoreboards. But don’t take our word for it, our customers have this to say:

We pride ourselves on being very easy to get started with. You can literally be up and running in under 30 seconds, no registration nor payment required. If you don’t believe us, give it a try.

What’s very convenient is that you can control your scoreboard from anywhere, including a mobile phone. Read on for more details.

How to create a free online scoreboard

First you need to decide upon your setup:

Option 1: Use one PC for controlling and displaying the scoreboard. This means that you need 2 displays connected to the PC. One display will show the control panel for the scoreboard, the other will show the scoreboard itself. How this is set up will depend on your operating system and is beyond the scope of this article, but here is a good guide to get you started.

Option 2: The alternative is that you have one PC (or mobile device) for controlling the scoreboard and a second PC for displaying it. The only minor problem you have to solve here is how to get the link for the scoreboard to the second device (you could email it to yourself for instance). The 2 devices do not need to be connected via a cable or Bluetooth, but they do both need an internet connection.

Once you have decided on your setup, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to this page to create a new scoreboard.
  2. Click on “Start here”.
  3. Congrats, you’ve now created a new scoreboard and are on the “control panel”. You have the option to carry out some customizations, such as choosing team names and choosing custom colors.
  4. Click on the orange “SHOW AND SHARE SCOREBOARD” button. This will open the scoreboard in a new browser tab.
  5. You can either show this browser tab on a display directly (option 1, see above) or send it to another device and display it there (option 2).

How much does the scoreboard cost?

The basic scoreboard is free, and you can start using it right away, including embedding it into an online video stream.

Please give us feedback!

Do you have a question, feedback, or a feature request?

Great! We answer every message within 1 working day (sometimes on the weekend too). You can reach us in the following ways:

  • Write us an email
  • Write on Facebook
  • Write on Twitter

We love feature requests, but it depends on whether we think it’ll be useful to other users and how much effort it’ll be.


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