How to Make a Flyer in Word

When it comes to marketing your business, flyers are essential. Not only are they a quick way to spread news locally, but they’re also one of the most affordable forms of marketing. And if you’re looking to keep costs down, choosing to design and create your own flyer is the best way to go. If you’re not a designer by nature, that’s not a problem – here’s how to make a flyer in Microsoft Word.

1.    Setting Up Your Document

The first step is preparing your canvas ready to begin your design. To do this:

  • Open up Microsoft Word
  • Click ‘Blank Document’ 
  • Go to Layout > Page Set Up

  • Under ‘Paper’, change the size – if your size is unavailable, click ‘Custom size’

You might notice that on our website we ask you to add bleed to your artwork, which is where you extend your design out by roughly 3mm to avoid an unwanted border after printing, but we’ll do this for you automatically when you upload the artwork you create to your basket!

2.    Using a Word Flyer Template

Alternatively, you can use one of the free flyer or leaflet templates available on Microsoft Word. These are a great option if you want a foundation for your design instead of having to create something out of a blank document. To use these:

  • Open up Microsoft Word
  • Type ‘Flyers’ into the search bar at the top of the page 
  • Choose from the pre-made templates available and download the design you want

  • You’ll then be able to fully customise the text and images on your chosen template

3.    Adding Text and Images

Now it’s time for the fun bit – piecing together all of the content in your design! 

The easiest way to add text to your flyer design is by using text boxes. To add them:

  • Go to Insert > Text Box
  • Select the style you want to use then draw the text box on your design
  • Type in or copy and paste the text you want to use
  • Change the font, size and colour under the Home tab
  • Change the text box under the Format tab

For images:

  • Go to Insert > Images
  • Choose a high-resolution image from your Computer
  • Double click the image to insert it into your design
  • Drag and drop the image to place it
  • Use the corner handles to change the image size

4.    Save Your Design

Before you upload your flyer or leaflet design to be printed, the next step is to save it as a PDF. 

  • Click File > Save As
  • Choose a folder on your computer to save your design
  • Name your file and change ‘Save as type’ to PDF

Your design is now ready. Place your flyers in your basket, upload your artwork and submit your order. We’ll then check this for you to make sure it’s print-ready.

Another option is to design a flyer online using our free templates. Each one is made by our in-house graphic designers so you can create quality print marketing no matter your skills or experience.

Need More Advice?

If you need any more help with how to make a flyer in Word or would like to get more specific advice on choosing the best leaflet or flyer for you, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

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By: Carrie Cousins
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Everyone has to make a flyer at some point. It’s easy in Microsoft Word with a quick template that you can download, replace content, and use. You’re probably already familiar with MS Word, so why not use that as a jumping off point for a simple flyer project?

Here, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to create a flyer from a professional template, from thinking about content to preparing the file for printing.

We’re going to use a template from Envato Elements (where there are loads of great options!), but you could use any flyer template for Word that you’ve tracked down online.

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See More Flyer Templates

Gather Materials, Including Text and Images

The first step in creating a quick flyer design is to have all your materials in hand.

You may have some or all of the items in this list for your flyer design:

  • Text elements
  • Photos or illustrations
  • Brand or event logos
  • Color or font palette
  • Links or QR codes
  • Sponsor information

Then it is time to think about the design of your flyer. Since you are planning to make it in Microsoft Word, chances are you are using a common size such as A4 or 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Then you can figure out what elements the template needs to accommodate your flyer content. Knowing this information from the start can save time because the template you choose will be more likely to work with the materials you have.

  • Does it need to accommodate photos or a lot of text?
  • Is there a certain mood or theme the flyer should convey?
  • Does it need to have a high-visual presence because you are short on assets?

Search for a Template

The next step is the fun part. Search for a template that resonates with your visual style. Remember that colors can often be changed, so look for a template that you like the structure of.

Not sure where to start your flyer quick template search? Envato Elements is packed with thousands of templates in all styles.

Once you find a template that meets all of your needs, download the file and get started. Note that you might need to download fonts as well. Check the template notes and documentation for information on where to find free fonts that might be used in the Microsoft Word flyer template design.

Adjust the Template for Size and Bleed

Many flyer templates will download with multiple options and formats, including different sizes or software used to create the design.

Make sure you are working with the right size and then open the design that uses Microsoft Word.

If you downloaded a template in a different size than what you need (maybe A4 versus letter), adjust the document size before you get started.

Customize Flyer Template Elements

Once you have the size specifications in order, it’s time to really make the flyer template design your own in Microsoft Word.

Save the template as a new file first. That way you can always refer back to the original if needed.

Then substitute brand elements, such as the font or color palette.

Strip out template elements that you don’t need, such as text boxes or design elements. When working with a quick template, you’ll probably use all the design elements and text fields. (That’s why you chose this design!)

Insert your text and images to turn the template into a customized Microsoft Word flyer.

Don’t forget to check — and double-check — key elements in the design:

  • Logo
  • Brad colors
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Replace photos with your own
  • Contact information

Print or PDF the Flyer for Distribution

Once the design is set and edited, you need to prepare the file for printing or as a PDF for digital distribution.

For printed flyers, options include printing the flyer yourself, using a local print shop, or uploading the file to an online printer and having the final flyers shipped to you.

You can also share the flyer via digital publication. You might use the flyer design by posting it online or on social media, providing others with a downloadable PDF, or publishing it as part of an email campaign. For these methods of distribution, you’ll likely want to create a PDF or JPG file (or both).

The one commonality is that all of these options require you to prep the final file for the publication and distribution method that you intend to use.

To print or create a PDF, navigate to File, then Print and select the printer settings for where you are printing. This might include color settings, two-sided flyer printing, and the number of copies. From here you can also “print” or save it as a PDF.

To save your flyer created in Microsoft Word as a JPG or PNG image, you’ll need to take a screenshot of the image. Make sure to get the whole flyer on the screen at once and use a screengrab tool (or CMD + 4 on a Mac) to take a picture of the flyer. To ensure a clean screenshot, make sure no items in the document are selected or you will see those outlines.


Creating a flyer in Microsoft Word can be quick and easy. If you need to get started and finished in a hurry or are struggling with design inspiration, a template is a way to go. Your project will move most quickly if you choose a template that’s of you linking and matches your content in hand, so you can subsite elements without having to rethink the design.

Need a little flyer design or template inspiration? You can find it here.

Flyer Templates

Whether you’re looking to create a flyer for an event, party, business, or hobby, we’ve got you covered. Our feature on flyer design and templates covers everything you need—from how to design an awesome flyer from scratch to collections of stunning flyer templates to help you get started fast.

Read the Feature →

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Flyers are easy to pass out, and they’re affordable. It’s no wonder that people are turning to print media to sell things. The only problem is that you need a little bit of design knowledge to blast a good flyer into people’s hands. Creating a flyer for free is beneficial for you and beneficial for those who are receiving it.

You don’t need to hire a designer or print shop to design flyers for you, though. Here’s a guide on how you can create a flyer in Microsoft Word without any graphic design skills.

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Creating a Flyer Template for Free

Creating a flyer for free is easy by using Microsoft Word. To get started, you need a good template. Online, you can find many templates for free flyer design. You can also buy a template from a website that sells designs. But we refrain you from doing that. Once you have your template, you can open it in Microsoft Word and start making changes to make it work for you.

The main launch screen is the first thing you see when you open Microsoft Word. Here is where you can find these templates. If you are already working on a file, you can get to this menu by clicking the File tab on the ribbon bar. On the left side of the File tab, click the “New” button.

In the “Flyers” box, type “templates” to find flyer templates online. Then press the Enter key on your keyboard. There is a list of different flyer templates you can choose from. You can click on any of these to learn more about the template and the options it has. Click the Create button when you find a template you like. The template will automatically open in a new file after it is downloaded.

You have just finished making your first flyer with Word. From here, you can start changing the template’s content to meet your needs. 

Edit Your Free Flyer

You’ll have to work within the template to start making changes to your flyer. To change a placeholder, you must first click on it with your mouse. When this is done right, you should see a half-transparent highlight.

Do this for every piece of text you want to change. If you want to get rid of something, you can select it and press the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard.

If you want to change an image on your template, right-clicking on the image will bring up a menu of options. To see the “Change Picture” menu, move your cursor to the right.

You can change your photo by choosing one of those options. Once you’ve found the picture you want to use, click on it and then click the Insert button. Then that’s what your flyer will say. You can change the size of your image to fit your flyer template by dragging the white dots around the outside.

Creating a Flyer for Free

The process of creating a flyer for free in Microsoft Word is relatively simple and straightforward. After completing the basic design of the flyer, saving it as a PDF will allow you to print it out or share it electronically. Creating flyers for free is a great way to promote your business or event.

Looking for more ways to save money? Browse the latest in personal finance news and tips on our website.

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A Flyer is a form of paper advertisement for wide circulation and typically distributed in public places, handle out to persons, or sent through mails.  Flyers are single sheets and unfolded and usually printed on Standard “8.5” X “11” or A4  paper size, but it can be in any size. Flyers are used to draw attention to events, services, products, or ideas.

If you are looking to create a professional or simple flyer in Microsoft Word, there are various document templates where you can edit and add colors to create the flyer you want, and it is quick and easy to use. Some flyer templates will allow you to change the picture; some will not; you have to choose the most suitable one.

How to make a flyer in Microsoft Word

Follow these methods below to create a flyer using a template.

  1. Choosing a Flyer template
  2. Editing a Flyer template

Let us see the methods in detail.

1] Choosing a Flyer template

Open Microsoft Word.

Click the File tab on the menu bar.

On the Backstage View on the Home page, click More Templates on the right.

On the New page, enter flyers in the search bar.

A list of flyers will pop up.

Choose a flyer that you want from the list.


A dialog box will pop up showcasing the flyer template you have selected.

Click the Create button.

A template document will be created.

2] Editing a Flyer template

When the template is created, you can edit it to how you want it to be; you can change the picture with some templates.

To remove a text from the flyer template, click the text and press the Delete key on the keyboard.

If you want to remove the textbox with the text, right-click the textbox and click Cut from its context menu.

The textbox is removed.

To input text in the textbox, click the textbox, remove the old text, and enter your text.

If you want to increase or decrease the text, highlight the text within the textbox and go to the Home tab in the Font group and select a Font Size.

You can also drag the pointers at the end of the textbox to resize the textbox.

You can remove the shapes from the template by clicking on them and press the Delete key.

Now we are going to add a picture.

Go to the Insert tab, and in the Illustrations group, click Shapes and choose a rectangle from the list; draw the rectangle on the flyer.

Right-click the rectangle and click Fill Shape, and select Picture from the context menu.

An Insert Picture dialog box will pop up.

Inside the dialog box, click where you want your picture from.

We choose to select our picture from Stock Images.

Then click the illustration tab and enter the image you want.

Select the image, then click Insert.

The image is inserted in the rectangle.

Place the image where you want it to be.

Via @:

Click the Picture Format tab and click the Color button in the Adjust group to color the image.

In the drop-down menu, choose the color in which you want the image to be.

To remove the outline from the image, right-click the image and click Outline and from its context menu, click No Outline.

The outline around the image is removed.

Now we will add the venue information at the bottom of the page.

Now we have a flyer.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to make a flyer in Microsoft Word; if you have questions about the tutorial, let us know in the comments.

Now read: How to make a one-page landscape in Word.

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Even with all the technology today, people still use physical flyers. We see them everywhere. From garage sale signs taped to poles to event flyers on the campus bulletin board, flyers are a great way to get the word out.

You can use a tool like Canva, but Microsoft Word is a solid application for making flyers. You can find plenty of templates, so you never have to start from scratch. Here, we’ll walk you through creating a flyer in Word and include some helpful tips for making your flyer awesome!

Microsoft Office Flyer Templates for Word

When it comes to templates for Microsoft Word, going to the source is the best option. You can find templates to create your flyer in the Word desktop app or Word on the web.

Find a Template in Word Desktop

If you use the Word desktop application, an excellent place to start is by searching the in-app template options.

  1. Open Microsoft Word, confirm you’re on the Home tab to the left, and pick More templates on the right.
  1. Below the Search box, you should see the Flyers category. Select this to browse all available flyer templates. Alternatively, you can enter a specific type of flyer into the Search bar like “Sale Flyer” or “Event Flyer.”
  1. Choose a flyer that interests you to see more detail and select Create to use it.

Find a Template in Word for the Web

One of the easiest ways to find and use a flyer in Word for the web is to head to the Office Templates website.

Scroll below the Popular Categories section and select See all categories, then choose Flyers. Alternatively, you can enter a specific type in the Search bar at the top. 

When you see the template you want, make sure it’s available for Word. Then, select it and choose Open in browser. If you only see the Download option, then the template is only available as a download for the Word desktop application.

This opens the flyer template in Word for the web, ready for you to customize.

Third-Party Flyer Templates for Word

If you don’t see anything you like from Microsoft, you can check out a couple of third-party options. When you find a free flyer template you want, you’ll simply download it and open it in Word.

Vertex42 Templates

Vertex42 is an excellent option for free Word templates. When you land on the main page, select Flyers on the right within the Browse Template Categories box.

You can then browse through the templates or choose a category on the right in the Flyer Templates box.

You’ll see options for real estate, party, event, tear-offs, and more. Templates

Another good choice for free Word flyer templates is You should see the Flyers category right below the Search box on the main page. You can also select the category by going to Templates at the top and looking beneath the Marketing materials.

On the Flyer Templates page, you can look through the options or choose a subcategory. 

Select a template you want to see the details. Then, use the Select File Format & Download drop-down box to choose Word and hit Download Now.

Note that not all flyer designs are free, which you’ll see before downloading one.

Common Flyers for Word

Now that you know the quickest and easiest way to create flyers in Word is by using a template let’s take a look at a handful of options!

Garage Sale Flyer

Microsoft has a neat and clean Garage Sale Flyer template. It has the word “Garage Sale” and spots for the date and time nice and big at the top, making it ideal for posting most anywhere.

Each header is collapsible. So if you decide not to include all of the details shown, simply collapse that section. To enter your details, select the text and add your own.

Tip: Take advantage of the Directions section so that potential customers can find your location easily.

Tear-Off Flyer

Tear-off flyers are popular for services and sales because they provide your contact information in strips that people can tear and take. Like this Item for Sale template, they have spots for your name, website, phone number, and email address or certain combinations.

Select each text box to add your information to the main part of the flyer. At the bottom, enter your contact details in tear-off strips. 

Tip: Some flyers may populate the strips automatically when you complete one. If not, you can finish one strip and then copy and paste the text to the others.

Event Flyer

Maybe your local business is having a grand opening celebration, or your organization is holding a fundraiser. You can let everyone know with this ZigZag Event Flyer suitable for all occasions.

Simply select each box to swap the placeholder text with your event details. You can also experiment with different colored fonts if you find these too bright.

Tip: The template websites above have many themed event flyers for holidays, graduations, seasons, sporting events, etc.

Retail Sale Flyer 

Whether your store is offering a big sale or your restaurant is offering discounts, get the word out with this Retail Sale Flyer.

This one has handy spots specifically for your discounts or sale items. Like the other templates, you just replace the sample text on the flyer with your own. Plus, this template has a place designated for your logo, which is a great way to brand your business.

Be sure to fill out the “prices good through” date and include your regular business hours.

Tip: Use the space at the bottom for important details like directions or disclosures about the sale or discounts.

Reward Flyer

If you’ve ever lost something valuable to you, you know how badly you want it back. Whether an item or even a family pet, you can provide a photo, details, and amount with this Reward Flyer.

This template has the text placed in the ideal spots to grab viewers’ attention. Select a text box and type in your details. To replace the photo with your own, delete the existing one. Then head to the Insert tab and use the Pictures drop-down menu to locate and use yours. 

Tip: Be sure to include a photo that displays your lost item. You can also resize the picture, so it fits nicely in the flyer.

Tips for Making a Flyer in Word

With each of the above flyer templates, we included helpful tips, but here are a few more for making the best flyer.

  • Consider adding a QR code to your flyer for your location’s website. Those who see your flyer can scan the code with their mobile device.
  • Be sure to double-check the details on your flyer, especially prices, phone numbers, and address.
  • Use a paper coating if you plan to post your flyer outdoors or in an area where it could become wet or weathered.

For more, take a look at how to create greeting cards, set up labels, or make a booklet, all in a Microsoft Word document.


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