How to Fix Roku Error Code 006 | Problem of Interconnection

You will always find the best and effective solutions for the troubleshooting problems here on this site. We are always available for you with useful and easy steps. Roku Error code 006 on Roku is a very common problem.

We would like to warmly welcome you, and also like to reduce your half of the problem by denouncing to you that in this article we will share solutions to overcome Roku error code 006 smartly.

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Dear users, the steps mentioned are that much easier even if you can do it on your own. You don’t have to go anywhere else. It is just a ruin of your time and money.

If you follow the guidelines properly that are shared in this article with you even then you can easily overcome error 006 on Roku. We would like to clear you that if you are not a techie person then you can overcome this issue on your own.

What Does Roku Error Code 006 Mean?

The main reason causing error 006 on Roku is the problem of interconnection. We can’t say this is the only problem that leads to this error. But there is nothing to be worried about if you are facing this error because of some very common problems.

Some of the problems were mentioned in the bulleted points, just have a look below…

  • The old version device which is not moderated with time may cause the problems.
  • Some internal issues or defects are the reasons causing trouble.
  • Mechanical defects also lead to some errors.
  • Detached cable wires may cause problems and many more.

There is not any serious problem that leads to this trouble. The problems are very common and will easily be tackled by any of the users.

Look For The Best Guide To Fix Roku Error Code 006

So, now without wasting more time we would like to share the solutions with you so that you can easily and quickly overcome the trouble that is creating issues for you.

Dear users, before sharing tips we would like to inform you to kindly follow the instructions as suggested, otherwise, you will just waste your time. This means, unluckily or with your mistake you will fail in resolving this trouble. Hopefully, you will follow the instructions accurately.

Check The Internet

You have to note a few points to overcome the internet problem, the points are quite important to be remembered. So, just look below and make sure to comprehend them properly.


  • You have to remove all those objects that come in between your device. If you can’t remove them then just replace the device.
  • Disconnect all the networks connected to the router that is connected to your Roku.
  • Maintain a 2 to 3 feet gap in between the router and the Roku T.V.
  • Make sure the electronic goods should be maintained at a proper appropriate distance.

Update The Device

If after checking the internet connection you are still facing the same error then just update your device as soon as possible. When the old version was installed on the device then it may start causing hurdles. So, all you have to do is just renew your device.

  • Kindly first switch on the Roku device.
  • You have to open the home screen.
  • Then you just go to the “settings”.
  • After that select the “system” option.
  • Then you will see “system update” there on the screen, right? Great, you are going right.
  • Then tap on the “system updates”.

Look For Defects

Dear users, some bugs may also cause errors on the screen. To remove all those bugs and fix defects you have to reboot your device. Rebooting may heal this issue quickly and smartly.

Before rebooting make sure you have disconnected the internet connection and close the T.V. accurately. After doing this you can freely reboot your device. When the device goes off, wait for around half an hour and then turn on the device.


We hope these above-stated steps may help you to overcome Roku error code 006. So, are you feeling good? You have done a great job.

Now you are free to get access to the Roku Tv. it will not show any errors to you further.

Kindly once check the cable wires. Make sure they should be connected tightly with the ports. Loose wires may cause error code 006 on Roku. For more information visit Smart TV Activation


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