How to Fix Roku Error Code 006

For the most part, the Roku offers an uninterrupted user experience, but the system is not error-free. One of the things that can give users heartburn is the code 006 error . Your streaming gadget is stuck with the code on the screen that you can’t do anything about it.

Truth be told, this isn’t the case and you should be able to get the Roku working again in no time. To hint at a possible solution, a restart could help. But first things first, it pays to know more about the 006 error itself.

When Does the Error Code 006 Appear?

The error code 006 appears when the system files get misconfigured. If you’re not tech-savvy, this might be a bit confusing, but there is a simple explanation.

After some time, Roku’s system may get overloaded with data and trigger the error. The same thing happens if some of the system files are broken or missing. For example, this may occur if you install then uninstall a lot of third-party streaming services, channels, or apps.

In addition, the error code 006 may appear if the system fails to verify your Roku during an update. However, error codes 001, 002, 003, and 005 are more common during updates.

Whatever the reason, the methods to fix the error code 006 are pretty much the same.

Fixing the Error Code 006

There are two ways to get to the bottom of this issue – inspect your network connection and restart the Roku. This is what you need to do.

Network Connection

The error pops up when there’s something wrong with the IP communication and the system times out. This may occur on your end when the network connection or Wi-Fi gets interrupted, for example.

On the other hand, third-party servers might get congested because of excessive traffic and your device will be left up in the air. Either way, the first thing to do is to check your internet speed and latency. Grab your computer or smartphone and run a speed test to rule out the issue on your side.

Ideally, your download speed should be 20Mbps or higher, but certain streams may work on lower speeds than that. If there’s something wrong with the connection restart your router and reconnect. You can unplug it from the wall and plug it back in or use the On/Off button.

Roku Restart

The error code 006 may prevent you from navigating the menus and you’ll need to use a remote trick to initiate the restart. Here’s the sequence you need to press on your remote:

The restart might not immediately start, especially when you’re dealing with errors. You need to wait for a few seconds before the system recognizes the request. If it doesn’t work right away, feel free to try it again after a minute or so.

System Restart

If you can navigate the menus, it might be better to utilize the built-in Restart option. Go to Roku Home screen, select System, then go down and choose System Restart. Move right and choose Restart to initiate the process.

Things to Consider

Roku restart doesn’t affect your user profile, downloaded content and apps, and it doesn’t remove any saved data or information. What it does is clear accumulated junk files and repair minor glitches that might cause the device to time out.

It takes some time for the system to boot back up and, again, you might need to wait for a few minutes. This also depends on the Roku model you own and the number of apps and services you have installed.

Spyware and Malware Removal Apps

Roku malware and spyware might misconfigure the system, corrupt files, and cause the error code 006. There are a few third-party Roku apps that promise to remove the spyware, but we’d advise against using them.

More often than not, these apps may slow the system down, run in the background without your knowledge, and drain the Roku’s hardware resources. To get rid of the spyware and malware, you might need to do a hard reset. But if you know about a utility app that works great on Roku, don’t hesitate to share in the comments section below.

How to Do Hard Reset on Roku

Okay, doing a hard reset might be overkill just to repair the error code 006. But if all else fails, you’ll need to resort to this method. After the reset, all personal information gets erased, the dongle is disconnected from the Roku account, and you’ll need to set up the device again.

To initiate the hard reset, access Roku’s settings from the home screen and choose System. The move to Advanced System Settings and click Factory Reset. You’ll need to enter a special code to confirm and you’re good to go.

Agent 006

When all is said and done, getting an error code on your streaming device can be frustrating. But the codes are there to identify a potential culprit and help you fix the Roku. To recap, the error code 006 is usually fixed with a network connection restart or device restart.

Have you ever gotten any other error codes on your Roku? How did you repair them? Share your experience with the TechJunkie community in the comments section below.

— Update: 22-02-2023 — found an additional article Roku HDCP Error 020: I Finally Fixed The Frustrating Error from the website for the keyword fix roku error code 006 and 020.

After getting through a hectic week at work, I planned to watch Top Gun: Maverick on the Roku Channel to get the most out of my weekend.

All set for an adrenaline rush through the movie, I turned on my Roku device and TV only to come across an HDCP error message on the screen.

I’ve had my Roku for years, and this was new to me.

I figured it was just a temporary glitch and tried to restart my Roku, and it worked as normal for about five minutes until it showed up again.

This was starting to get annoying.

After hours of research and staring at the irritating HDCP error 020 screen, I was finally able to come up with the best solution that worked for me. 

Here’s how to fix Roku HDCP Error 020 and get back to watching TV in no time.

Roku HDCP Error 020 can be fixed by disabling the Auto-adjust Display Refresh Rate option on your Roku Device Settings. Change the display type to auto-detect.  

All You Need to Know About HDCP

High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a safety protocol developed to prevent illegal copying or distribution of high-definition media.

HDCP is implemented in several streaming devices and platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast, to stop content from being distributed without permission as a part of copyright protection. 

Roku error code 020 usually implies that your Roku device has failed to determine if the HDMI cable or your TV is compatible with the HDCP protocol. 

Now that you know what HDCP error on Roku means, let’s move on to the most effective solutions to fix it. 

Disable Display Refresh Rate 

The HDCP error code 020 can arise if the Refresh Rate of your Roku device (only limited to 4 K-supported Roku devices)  is not compatible with the TV.

In this case, disabling the Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate in the Roku Settings may fix the error. 

To do this, follow these simple steps: 

  • Open Roku Settings in the Home menu 
  • Select System and open Advanced System Settings from the options menu
  • Lastly, set Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate to Disabled and check if the error code 020 is fixed 

Power Cycle The Roku Device and TV

The Roku HDCP Error 020 might result from a temporary glitch or bug, such as the HDMI cable or your TV not passing the HDCP protocol test.

The best way to fix the error in this scenario is to power cycle your Roku Device. 

Power Cycle your TV if your Roku Remote is not working.

Power Cycle The Roku Device

  • Press the Home button on the Roku Remote 
  • Scroll down and select System
  • Click on the System Restart option 
  • Wait for the Roku Device to turn back on 

Power Cycle Your TV 

  • Power off your TV and unplug it from the power outlet
  • Press and hold the Power Button on your TV for about 5 seconds (Skip this step if the power button is not available)
  • Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes before plugging it back in 
  • Plug it back in and turn the TV on

If the error code 020 is still not cleared, move on to the next step. 

Reseat The HDMI Cable

Ensure that your HDMI cable does not have any visible damage on it. You will need a working HDMI if you need to change input on Roku TV, so make sure it works properly.

If it doesn’t, you may need to replace it. If there is no physical damage, here’s how to reseat the HDMI Cable: 

  • Unplug the HDMI cable from the Roku Device, and your TV
  • Turn off the TV and unplug it from the power outlet
  • Now, unplug the Roku device from the power source as well
  • Keep the Roku Device, and Television unplugged for at least three minutes
  • Plug the HDMI cable back in the TV, and the Roku Device
  • Reconnect both the TV and Roku device back to the power source and turn them on to check if the HDCP error message is removed
  • If the error still appears, repeat the same process but on step 6, turn on your TV first, then the Roku device, and check if the error 020 is now fixed 

    Change the HDMI Cable (If Required) 

    If the error still persists, try using a different HDMI Cable to ensure that the issue is not related to a faulty or damaged cable.

    The cable might appear okay from the outside but can still be broken from the inside.

    It is always better to ensure your cable is not causing this error. 

    Change The Display Type in Roku Settings 

    If the display type in the Roku device is not properly configured, it may lead to an HDCP error. 

    Here’s a guide to changing the Display Type to Auto-Detect: 

    • On the Roku Home menu, select Settings
    • Scroll down and choose the Display Type option 
    • Now select Auto Detect and check if Roku is rid of the HDCP error 020
    • You can also try selecting some different display types to check if the error disappears 

    Ensure Your Media Setup is HDCP Compatible 

    If you’re using a new TV, soundbar, speakers, or any media setup, it is possible that one of these might not be HDCP compatible. 

    To check the HDCP compatibility for any of your devices: 

    • Check the box of your device to check for HDCP compatibility. Manufacturers are often required to secure a license for the same, and they advertise HDCP support on their boxes as well. 
    • Go through the device manual and look for the mention of HDCP in the description of features or video ports
    • Reach out to the customer support of your device manufacturer and ask their representatives if your device is HDCP-compliant by providing the model number 

    Roku HDCP Error on An External Monitor 

    If you’re using an external computer monitor, a Roku HDCP error might appear due to monitor incompatibility as well. 

    To rule out this possibility, disconnect the HDMI cable from the external monitor and try to watch the same content on your computer or laptop screen.

    If the content plays correctly, replug the HDMI cable, ensuring each connector is plugged in properly, and check if the error comes back. 

    If it does, you can make use of the following suggestions: 

    • Change the HDMI input on your external monitor (if available)
    • Try using a different HDMI cable to ensure that the cable doesn’t have any defects (internal or external)
    • If possible, check if the same error comes on using a different external monitor that is HDCP compatible
    • If you’re using a new device, go through the device box or user manual to confirm if it is HDCP compatible or not. As discussed above, you can also contact the manufacturer for compatibility-related queries. 

    Get in Touch With Roku Support

    If none of the solutions have worked for you till now, you can visit the Roku Support Page for video tutorials related to your issues.

    You can even opt for agent support to get expert solutions for errors related to your device by signing in to your Roku account. 

    SMART Suggestion: Bypass the HDCP Protection (100% Working) 

    An alternative way to get rid of HDCP-related errors completely is to bypass the HDCP protection.

    There are two different ways to do this – using an [amazon link=”B004F9LVXC” title=”HDMI Splitter with HDCP Stripping” /], or using an Analog Cable.

    Use HDMI Splitter with HDCP Stripper 

    When manufacturers cut corners while making HDMI splitters, they don’t include the circuitry that scrambles the signal again at the output ports.

    An unintentional side-effect of this is that they act as HDCP strippers, letting you then send that unscrambled signal to devices regardless of whether or not they support HDCP.

    This means you can bypass HDCP by getting yourself an HDMI Splitter with HDCP Stripping.

    However, not all HDMI Splitters behave this way, and manufacturers update their manufacturing processes all the time, so we’ll keep you updated on splitters that work.

    Here’s how you can remove HDCP from your media by getting an HDMI Splitter with HDCP Stripping: 

    • Connect the HDMI Splitter to your TV and the Roku device
    • Restart your Roku device as mentioned above and try streaming content 
    • The HDCP error should be removed 

    If you’re willing to spend some extra dollars to eliminate any HDCP-related errors, this method is surely worth it! 

    Use an Analog Cable 

    Another way to bypass HDCP errors is by using an analog cable, which cannot receive HDCP protection.

    A major disappointment of this method is that the picture quality may degrade while using an analog cable. 

    Follow these steps to use an analog cable:

    • Connect analog cable instead of HDMI cable to your HDCP device such as Roku
    • Now connect the other end of the cable to your TV

    This will eliminate the HDCP-related issues on your Roku, but you may have to compromise on the content quality. 

    Happy Streaming! 

    While the HDCP Protocol is vital to prevent illegal copying of content, it can lead to several issues for streaming device users.

    Even if you have HDCP-compatible devices, you can still encounter errors such as Roku HDCP error code 020.  

    There may be different reasons behind this error, and it is important to determine the root cause before you can fix it. 

    Disabling Auto-Adjust Refresh Rate can work if your Roku device’s refresh rate is incompatible with your TV. 

    In case there are any temporary bugs or glitches related to your Roku device, they can be fixed by Power Cycling your Roku Device and TV 

    Roku Error code 020 can also occur due to a faulty or broken HDMI cable.

    Hence, you should make sure there are no issues related to your cable. Replacing the HDMI cable can also help fix this error. 

    Setting the Display Type to Auto Detect can help fix the HDCP error if the display settings are incorrectly configured or if they are interfering with the HDMI connection.  

    Though all your devices are most likely to be HDCP compatible, the best practice is to ensure each one is HDCP-compliant to rule out the possibility of compatibility issues. 

    If you’re trying to stream on an external monitor and the Roku HDCP error 020 occurs, you can try playing the same content on a different HDCP-compatible monitor or without an HDMI on your laptop/computer screen.

    Replacing the HDMI cable can be an effective solution in this case as well. 

    Getting in touch with the Roku Support Team can also help you solve the HDCP error by leveraging their video tutorials or getting assistance from an authorized support agent. 

    I hope one of these solutions would have already fixed the Roku HDCP error and that the not-so-pleasing error screen is replaced by your favorite movie or TV show! 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What does HDCP error mean?

    High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a safety protocol developed by Intel Corporation to prevent illegal copying or distribution of high-definition media.

    The HDCP error usually means that your HDMI cable or device is not HDCP-compliant.  


    Why does my Roku keeps giving me an HDCP error?

    HDCP error usually occurs when the Roku device cannot determine if your TV, cable, or external monitor is compatible with the HDCP protocol.

    There may be several reasons for this error, such as temporary bugs, display type errors, faulty HDMI cables, etc. 

    Are HDCP and HDMI the same? 

    HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is not the same as HDMI.

    HDCP is a protocol providing piracy prevention and copyright protection to three connection types that include HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort.

    Does HDMI Cable affect HDCP?

    Yes, HDMI cables can affect HDCP.

    Make sure that you use Premium High-Speed HDMI cables for all the connections, as using an incompatible subpar HDMI cable can lead to an HDCP error.

    Always verify that your HDMI cable is HDCP compatible. 

    How to verify if my HDMI cable or any device supports HDCP? 

    To start with, you can check the package or box of your HDMI cable to check if it supports HDCP.

    Alternatively, you can also visit to confirm the HDCP compatibility of your cable. 

    For other devices, checking the box may help confirm if your device supports HDCP.

    You can go through the user manual of your device and read about HDCP.

    You can also contact the manufacturer with the model number to verify its compatibility. 

    — Update: 24-02-2023 — found an additional article How to Fix HDCP Error Detected & Error Code 020 on Roku? [3 Ways] [Partition Magic] from the website for the keyword fix roku error code 006 and 020.

    The HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection), developed by Intel Corporation, is a protocol of digital copyright protection or anti-privacy. It can be built into many modern devices like smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles, etc.

    However, many users encounter the “HDCP error detected” error message on Roku. What causes the HDCP error Roku? How to fix it? Let’s start exploring.

    What Causes the HDCP Error Roku

    After analyzing many user reports and posts, we find the Roku HDCP error can be caused by different factors. If your streaming device or cable is not compatible with the HDCP protocol, then the error code 020 may occur.

    In addition, other factors like a temporary communication glitch, improper Display Refresh Rate, and Display type in the Roku settings are also responsible for the HDCP error detected Roku. Don’t worry. Here we provide corresponding fixes to the HDCP error detected Roku.

    How to Fix the Roku HDCP Error

    There are 3 applicable ways to fix the Roku error 020. You can try all of them in order or choose one based on your situation.

    # 1. Restart Your Roku Device and TV

    The first and simplest solution is to restart your Roku device and TV. By doing so, a temporary communication glitch can be solved. Now, you can restart the devices by following the guide below.

    Disconnect the Devices and Restart Them:

    1. Unscrew both ends of the HDMI cable to the Roku device and the TV.
    2. Power off your TV and unplug the Power cord from the power source.
    3. Unplug the power cord to the Roku device.
    4. Wait for at least 3
    5. Screw both ends of the HDMI cable to the Roku device and the TV again.
    6. Re-plug both TV and Roku to the power source and power in your devices. Once powered on, you can see if the HDCP error Roku still occurs. If it still doesn’t work, repeat Step 1 to Step 6, but at step 6, you should power on your TV firstly, and once powered on, then power on the Roku device and check if the Roku error 020 disappears.

    Restart the Device via the Roku Menu:

    1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote to open the Settings screen and select System.

    2. Scroll down the list of the options and select System Restart.

    Via @:

    3. Wait for your Roku device to restart. Once powered on, see if the error code 020 is cleared.

    # 2. Disable the Display Refresh Rate

    If the Display Refresh Rate of your Roku device is not compatible with the TV, you may receive the HDCP error Roku message. This situation often appears on the 4K supported Roku devices. To get rid of the error, you can disable the Display Refresh Rate.

    Step 1. Open the Settings window of your Roku device in the Home menu and select System.

    Step 3. Set the Auto-Adjust Display Refresh Rate option to Disabled. Then check if the Roku HDCP error gets resolved.

    # 3. Reconfigure the Display Type in the Roku Settings

    Sometimes the HDCP error Roku 020 can occur if the Display Type in the Roku settings is not configured properly. In this case, you can try setting it to the auto-detect type. Before proceeding, restart your Roku device as we explained in the first solution.

    Step 1. Open the Settings window again and select Display type.

    Step 2. Set the Display type to Auto detect and see if the error code 020 is cleared. If not, you can try disabling HDR in the Roku settings.

    –image from the community of Roku

    — Update: 11-03-2023 — found an additional article Fix Roku Error Code 006 and 020 from the website for the keyword fix roku error code 006 and 020.

    Roku users are experiencing some errors and in this post, we will be talking about two of them, 006 and 020. In this article, we will be seeing ways to fix Roku Error Code 006 and 020.

    Why do I see Roku Error Code 006?

    Most of the time, one will see Roku Error Code 006 if the system got misconfigured. Don’t panic! we will be seeing ways to fix it.

    However, there are some other reasons why you may experience this error, for example, if the server is down. Some other times, this error can be because of a poor network connection.

    Fix Roku Error Code 006, System Update fails

    These are the things you can do to fix Roku Error Code 006.

    1. Check your Network Connection
    2. Restart your Router
    3. Switch to TKIP
    4. Factory Reset

    Let us talk about them in detail.

    1] Check your Network Connection

    You need to start troubleshooting by making sure that your Network Connection has no issue. Otherwise, Roku won’t work on your system. So, first get on your computer or mobile phone connected to the same WiFi network and run a speed test. You can just search it on the web. If your Internet connection is slow, just contact your ISP.

    However, if the device you are streaming Roku on is having some network issue, look at the next solution.

    2] Restart your Router

    If you are dealing with a Network issue, the first thing, apart from calling your ISP, you should do is restarting your Router. So, turn off your Router, unplug it and wait for 5 minutes before plugging it back in. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue.

    3] Switch to TKIP

    Since poor Internet connection is one of the most common reasons for this issue, we have three solutions related to that only. If your Security Options is set to WPAK2-PSK (AES), you will experience this error. So, you need to change it to  WPAK2-PSK (TKIP) and see if the issue persists.

    To do that, you can follow the given steps.

    1. Use one of these IP-addresses “,,,,,” to go to the Router’s Settings
    2. Go to the Security tab and change Security Options to WPAK2-PSK (TKIP).
    3. Now, close the Settings and restart your device.

    4] Factory Reset

    This should be your last resort as you will lose all your saved configurations if you do a factory reset. But if all else fails, use this and it will fix the error, especially in the case of misconfiguration.

    1. Go to Roku Settings from the home screen.
    2. Go to System > Advanced System Settings.
    3. Now, click Factory Reset.

    You may be asked to enter the special code. So, do that and hopefully, the error will be fixed.

    Why do I see Roku Error Code 020?

    Roku Error Code 020 indicates that there is some problem with the HDCP. HDCP is an abbreviation of High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection and is nothing but protection designed to stop content from getting copied.

    Fix Roku Error Code 020, HDCP error

    To fix the Roku Error Code 020, HDCP error, you need to follow the given tips. Make sure to do it in the given order.

    1. Replug the HDMI Cable
    2. Check the Cables
    3. Check  your Internet Connection

    Let us talk about them in detail

    1] Replug the HDMI Cable

    • Remove the HDMI connector and HDMI cables that connect the TV and Roku box.
    • Unplug the TV on which you were streaming Roku.
    • Now, reattach every detached cable and see if the issue persists.

    Hopefully, this issue will be fixed

    2] Check the cables

    If unplugging and replugging HDMI cables is to no avail, try checking the cables and see if it has malfunctioned. There is a lot of possibilities here, maybe your cable is loose, or cut, or the jack is broken, so, try swapping it with a new one and see if it fixes the issue.

    3] Check  your Internet Connection

    Just like most of the Roku errors, Error 020 can be because of a poor Internet connection. So, you need to check your network speed and if it’s slow, restart your Router and if the issue persists, call your ISP.

    Hopefully, you are able to fix Roku Error Code 020 with the help of the given solutions.

    So, that’s how you can fix Roku Error Code 006 and 020.

    How to fix any Roku Remote that has stopped working?

    Roku remote is essential to control the streaming player. However, many users have reported that it has stopped working for them. So, we will be resetting it to resolve the issue for you.

    Before moving forward, you need to know that there are two types of Roku remote. The Enhanced one and the infrared one. The infrared one can not be reset and apparently, it is not the only causing the trouble. It’s the Enhanced and more advanced Roku remote that’s being reported.

    To reset Roku Remote, you can follow the given steps.

    1. Remove the batteries from the back of your Roku Remote.
    2. Unplug the Streaming player, wait for a minute or two, and plug it back in.
    3. Once the streaming player starts, insert the battery to your Remote and press and hold the Reset button for a minute or two, which is placed below the battery holder.

    Now, check if your Remote is working fine. Hopefully, it will.

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    — Update: 19-03-2023 — found an additional article How to Fix Roku Error Code 006 | Problem of Interconnection from the website for the keyword fix roku error code 006 and 020.

    You will always find the best and effective solutions for the troubleshooting problems here on this site. We are always available for you with useful and easy steps. Roku Error code 006 on Roku is a very common problem.

    We would like to warmly welcome you, and also like to reduce your half of the problem by denouncing to you that in this article we will share solutions to overcome Roku error code 006 smartly.

    Amazed To Know

    Dear users, the steps mentioned are that much easier even if you can do it on your own. You don’t have to go anywhere else. It is just a ruin of your time and money.

    If you follow the guidelines properly that are shared in this article with you even then you can easily overcome error 006 on Roku. We would like to clear you that if you are not a techie person then you can overcome this issue on your own.

    What Does Roku Error Code 006 Mean?

    The main reason causing error 006 on Roku is the problem of interconnection. We can’t say this is the only problem that leads to this error. But there is nothing to be worried about if you are facing this error because of some very common problems.

    Some of the problems were mentioned in the bulleted points, just have a look below…

    • The old version device which is not moderated with time may cause the problems.
    • Some internal issues or defects are the reasons causing trouble.
    • Mechanical defects also lead to some errors.
    • Detached cable wires may cause problems and many more.

    There is not any serious problem that leads to this trouble. The problems are very common and will easily be tackled by any of the users.

    Look For The Best Guide To Fix Roku Error Code 006

    So, now without wasting more time we would like to share the solutions with you so that you can easily and quickly overcome the trouble that is creating issues for you.

    Dear users, before sharing tips we would like to inform you to kindly follow the instructions as suggested, otherwise, you will just waste your time. This means, unluckily or with your mistake you will fail in resolving this trouble. Hopefully, you will follow the instructions accurately.

    Check The Internet

    You have to note a few points to overcome the internet problem, the points are quite important to be remembered. So, just look below and make sure to comprehend them properly.

    • You have to remove all those objects that come in between your device. If you can’t remove them then just replace the device.
    • Disconnect all the networks connected to the router that is connected to your Roku.
    • Maintain a 2 to 3 feet gap in between the router and the Roku T.V.
    • Make sure the electronic goods should be maintained at a proper appropriate distance.

    Update The Device

    If after checking the internet connection you are still facing the same error then just update your device as soon as possible. When the old version was installed on the device then it may start causing hurdles. So, all you have to do is just renew your device.

    • Kindly first switch on the Roku device.
    • You have to open the home screen.
    • Then you just go to the “settings”.
    • After that select the “system” option.
    • Then you will see “system update” there on the screen, right? Great, you are going right.
    • Then tap on the “system updates”.

    Look For Defects

    Dear users, some bugs may also cause errors on the screen. To remove all those bugs and fix defects you have to reboot your device. Rebooting may heal this issue quickly and smartly.

    Before rebooting make sure you have disconnected the internet connection and close the T.V. accurately. After doing this you can freely reboot your device. When the device goes off, wait for around half an hour and then turn on the device.


    We hope these above-stated steps may help you to overcome Roku error code 006. So, are you feeling good? You have done a great job.

    Now you are free to get access to the Roku Tv. it will not show any errors to you further.

    Kindly once check the cable wires. Make sure they should be connected tightly with the ports. Loose wires may cause error code 006 on Roku. For more information visit Smart TV Activation


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